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Frequently Asked Questions

About Sri Lanka

Do I require a Visa?

Yes, you do require a visa to enter Sri Lanka but it is very easy to get this visa. All you need is apply online at www.eta.gov.lk and pay the application fee of US $30. This information is subject to change so please check the website.

Do I require immunisation?

Please check with your doctor as this can change at any time and also depends on your health.

What sort of weather conditions can I expect?

Sri Lanka is generally hot and humid and the temperature doesn’t vary much throughout the year. The island experiences two monsoon seasons but you must always be prepared for rain.

On what side of the road do I ride?

Riding in Sri Lanka is like riding in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Vehicles keep to the left side of the road. 

What kind of traffic conditions can I expect?

Like most Asian countries, the traffic can initially appear to be mad and chaotic, especially in the big cities and on some of the main transport routes. We always leave big cities early in the morning and arrive in the early afternoon to escape traffic congestion. But we always take routes “less travelled” where riding motorcycles can be fun. Please check out our “Guide to Riding in Sri Lanka” in the Resources section of our website.

What about mobile phones, internet access and withdrawal of currency?

Mobile phone coverage in Sri Lanka is available almost everywhere. We provide you with a prepaid SIM card as part of our tour package but you will need to re-charge it when needed. 

Most places we stay overnight have free WiFi so you shouldn’t have any problems connecting to the internet. If you have any problems, please talk to the friendly people at the hotel.

Sri Lankan Rupees can be withdrawn at many ATMs across the country using your debit card. You need to check if the ATM shows a “Cirrus” logo and then you shouldn’t have any problems.


What You Need 

Do I require a Motorcycle Licence?

Yes, you do require a valid motorcycle licence to ride in Sri Lanka. You have to provide us with proof that you have a valid motorcycle licence when booking any of our tours and we will inspect it before we depart on the tour.

Should I get an International Driver’s Licence?

You don’t need this but we recommend that you carry it with you when riding in Sri Lanka. The police normally take your driver’s licence if you are caught for any traffic infringement and it is difficult to retrieve it. It is better to give your International Driver’s Licence instead. It’s even better to give them a photocopy of your International Driver’s Licence.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

It is mandatory for all the motorcycle riders and the pillion passengers to wear helmets in Sri Lanka. We recommend that you wear full-face helmets for maximum protection and safety

What riding gear do I need to bring?

You need to bring your helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, boots and whatever other riding gear you normally use at home. Don’t forget your wet weather gear as rain should be expected in Sri Lanka. Remember, it is hot and humid in Sri Lanka so a ventilated jacket is best. But it can get cool and even cold in the hill country.

Does Serendib Motorcycling Adventures rent motorcycling gear?

No, we don’t rent motorcycling gear and we would never even think of renting motorcycle helmets.

Can I buy motorcycling gear in Sri Lanka?

You can buy some cheap motorcycling gear but the quality is poor. Some helmets are available, but we don’t recommend these. This is why we want you to bring your own riding gear because your safety is very important to us.


The Motorcycles

What motorcycle do I get?

We provide Royal Enfield Classic motorcycles which are made in India. They are based on the British Royal Enfield motorcycle of the 1950s and are a “living classic.” These are 350cc single cylinder motorcycles and are not more than three years old. It is a rewarding experience to ride them and they are very reliable.

Can I get adjustments made to the motorcycle?

There are no adjustments that can be made to the Royal Enfield motorcycle (such as lowered seats). But please let us know well in advance if you have any special requirements as we will try to provide you with a different motorcycle if possible.

What if my motorcycle breaks down?

The Royal Enfield is generally a very reliable motorcycle that rarely gives problems. But although we service all our motorcycles before every tour with the authorised Royal Enfield dealer in Sri Lanka, occasional problems could occur. Our back-up vehicle carries a spare motorcycle which you can use. We will also do our best to try and get problems fixed while on the tour so that there is always a spare motorcycle available.

Do you provide insurance if I damage your motorcycle?

Our motorcycles are fully insured but you are responsible for the excess (deductible) which is US $2,000. At the start of the tour you will be required to sign a contract and provide your credit card details for this excess. We will not charge your credit card unless the motorcycle is damaged.

You may choose to limit your exposure to the initial US $2,000 through the purchase of our Excess Reduction Policy (ERP). This policy operates to reduce the excess to an amount of US $200 by payment of a fee of US $30 per day for the duration of the tour. You may exercise this option at the time of booking. Once the tour commences, you will be unable to exercise this ERP option.


Tour Information

Do you pick us up and drop us off at the airport?

We will greet you and say goodbye to you at the airport if you are part of a guided or self-guided tour and you are arriving on the first day of the tour and departing on the last day of the tour.

If you are arriving one or more days before the start of the tour or are leaving one or more days after the end of the tour, we will arrange for you to be transported to and from the airport (paid by us). We would be very happy for you to spend some extra days in Sri Lanka and can even help you to arrange any itineraries you require.

What type of accommodation do we stay in?

We are motorcyclists and know that there is nothing better than having good accommodation, delicious meals, a variety of drinks and a wonderful relaxed atmosphere after a great day of riding.

Your accommodation has been selected carefully and can range from luxurious to mid-range. But we will guarantee that where you stay will be cheerful, comfortable and safe. Importantly, you will be the guests of people we personally know and trust.

Are there rest days?

We always have rest days at place of interest to give you a chance to relax and take in the essence of Sri Lanka. You can ride your motorcycle, go on sightseeing trips (paid by us) or just relax by yourself.

What meals are included in the tours?

Our tours include all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with the exception of rest days. On rest days, your breakfast is provided but you might want to try out other options for lunch and dinner. After all, motorcyclists are an adventurous bunch. However, we do provide suggestions for restaurants.

Do I get to visit places of interest?

Our tour costs include visits to places of historic and cultural significance. We try to finish many daily rides in the early afternoon so that you can soak up the wonderfully diverse ethnic and religious diversity that is part of the island of Sri Lanka.

Our days of rest are in places which are fascinating and you really should take this opportunity to experience Sri Lanka. Depending on the tour and the season, this may include tours of tea factories, climbing the ancient citadel and fortress of Sigiriya, whale watching, exploring the ruins of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, bathing in pristine beaches, walking around an old Dutch fort in Galle, going on a wildlife safari or just watching the mist rolling through the hills of Haputale. 

What information do I receive before the tour?

We will send you a comprehensive tour package about 30 days before the start of the tour. This will give you information about Sri Lanka, day-by-day tour itinerary, accommodation, checklists, riding guidelines and a road map of Sri Lanka with the tour route highlighted.

We also recommend that you do some research about the country and the places we will be visiting. There might be things that you would want to see and you shouldn’t let this opportunity slip by.


The Ride

What riding experience do I need?

You should have a valid motorcycle licence and at least two years experience riding a motorcycle. And you should be able to ride about 250 kilometres a day as well as maintain this type of riding for about 3-4 days consecutively.

What distances do we cover each day?

Sri Lanka is a small island (about the size of Tasmania). But it is not distance that is important but how long it takes to travel that distance. It takes a long time to travel in Sri Lanka because of the traffic congestion, the narrow roads which have people, animals, bicycles, tuk tuks and all sorts of vehicles travelling on them. And naturally the speed limits are low.

We plan to travel only so far that we arrive at our destination in the early afternoon. This gives us time to handle any problems and also time to relax and check out attractions at the destination. We recognise that riding in the dark, especially when you are tired, tense and in a foreign country, is certainly not enjoyable. And we want your trip to be full of fun and excitement.

With this in mind, we only plan to travel about a maximum of 250 kilometres each day in Sri Lanka. And this depends on the condition of the road and the terrain through which we are passing. The weather too can play an important role in how long it takes to travel a certain distance

At what time do we leave each morning?

When departing from big cities or when travelling along major transport routes, we will leave our accommodation at 6:00am sharp. To delay any longer will ruin our travel experience because of the traffic that tends to build up in the morning hours. Although we understand that some people are not “morning persons” this is something we have to adhere to in these circumstances.

But when we are away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and have roads less travelled, then we will depart our accommodation at a later time, after enjoying breakfast.

Do we ride as a group?

Yes we do, but there are some exceptions. When leaving from big cities, or arriving at them, we will travel as a close group because it will be a nightmare if you get lost.

But when we are on open country roads with small towns and not much traffic, then you can travel at your own pace. However, there will be locations where we will stop and re-group to make sure everyone is with us.

How many motorcycles will be in each group?

The maximum number of motorcycles on each tour is restricted to ten. This doesn’t mean there will be only 10 people because there might be pillion riders who we always welcome.

It is difficult to manage more than 10 motorcycles on a tour, particularly on congested roads.

Is a support vehicle provided?

We provide a support vehicle which has a spare motorcycle and room for three passengers. The support vehicle can also carry luggage, but this is restricted to one bag per person, not larger than carry-on luggage permitted on aircraft.

Can my partner travel in the support vehicle?

The support vehicle can accommodate three people, but we normally only allow two passengers to be carried in case a rider has a problem and has to be transported in the vehicle as well.

What if I have a problem?

We all know that motorcycling is more risky that travelling in a four-wheel vehicle. And we know that problems can, and occasionally do, occur. What if someone crashes and sustains injuries; collides with a person, animal or vehicle; or gets into trouble with the police?

That’s where our tour guide and support crew earn their money by making sure that any injured people are properly looked after and that any problems with the police are sorted out. This is one of the most valuable advantages of going on our tours.


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