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Guided Motorcycle Tours

Our guided tours allow you to truly enjoy a motorcycling adventure in Sri Lanka. We select the best motorcycling routes and places to visit. Your accommodation will be comfortable and cheerful while the food you eat will be delicious and cooked in clean and hygienic conditions. You will also get to experience sightseeing and other activities that capture the natural beauty, history, culture and wildlife of the island of Sri Lanka.

 We will greet you at the airport and provide you with a late model Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle. Our amazing and friendly guides are fluent in English, highly committed to ensuring your needs are cared for, and excited to have you experience the wonderful riding experience in Sri Lanka.

 On these guided tours, a tour leader leads the group with a support vehicle following behind the last rider. Both tour guide and support vehicle driver are in constant contact with each other via intercom. This ensures that nobody in the group will get lost and that access to water supply or the spare motorcycle in the support vehicle is available at all times.


Our guided Motorcycle Tours will commence in 2017.


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