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Motorcycle Rentals

Motorcycle Rider’s Requirements 

You must be at least 25 years old and must have a valid motorcycle operator license if you intend to operate a motorcycle provided by Serendib Motorcycling Adventures.

You must also attest that you have at least 2 years of experience operating a motorcycle of similar size or larger than the motorcycle that will be provided by Serendib Motorcycling Adventures.

Motorcycle Riding Gear

It is mandatory for all the motorcycle riders and the pillion passengers to wear helmets in Sri Lanka. We recommend that you wear full-face helmets for maximum protection and safety. 

We do not rent motorcycle helmets or riding gear. You are expected to bring your own motorcycle riding gear and we will not release our motorcycles until we are satisfied that you and any pillion passenger have approved helmets.

 We strongly advise you to wear a motorcycle jacket, gloves, pants and boots. Please bring wet weather gear because you will probably encounter rain on your journey.

Motorcycle Delivery

We are willing to deliver your motorcycle to the airport, hotel or wherever you are staying in Colombo. The additional charge for this service is US $30 which needs to be paid in advance.

Motorcycle Security Deposit

A security deposit of US $500 must be paid to Serendib Motorcycling Adventures at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. This deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in an acceptable condition. The deposit will be refunded at this time. 

Motorcycle Security 

  • The security of the motorcycle is the exclusive responsibility of the person who signs the rental contract.
  • The motorcycle handlebar lock should be used whenever the motorcycle is stopped, even if it is for a short time.
  • We provide a motorcycle chain and padlock with all rental motorcycles. This should be used whenever you leave the motorcycle and whenever it is parked overnight.

Motorcycle Insurance

All motorcycles are insured with Third Party Liability insurance and Comprehensive Vehicle insurance.

The motorcycle that Serendib Motorcycling Adventures provides to you includes limited 3rd party damage cover that will not exceed US $4000. You will be liable for the first US $2,000 worth of any damage to the motorcycle deemed by Serendib Motorcycling Adventures to have been your responsibility. The term ‘damage’ is to exclude reasonable wear and tear. Minor blemishes or paint chips caused by gravel, stones and insects are considered normal wear and tear however damage or scratches caused by an accident, dropping a motorcycle or riding it through bushes and flooding of bikes is not considered normal wear and tear.

You may choose to limit your exposure to the initial US $2,000 through the purchase of our Excess Reduction Policy (ERP). This policy operates to reduce the excess to an amount of US $200 by payment of a fee of US $30 per day for the duration of the tour. You may exercise this option at the time of booking. Once the tour commences, you will be unable to exercise this ERP option.

The rental period is not interrupted due to damage to the motorcycle or the inability of the rider or pillion passenger to ride the motorcycle. During the rental period, Serendib Motorcycling Adventures is not obligated to replace a damaged motorcycle. 

Motorcycle Safety

  • You must drive on the left side of the road in Sri Lanka.
  • You must obey all Sri Lanka’s road rules.
  • You should not ride on beaches, sand dunes and similar terrain where sand and salt water could be sprayed onto the motorcycle.
  • You should only travel on roads that have bitumen (asphalt). You should not travel on dirt roads or off-road tracks (excludes sand and mud encountered during road works).

Motorcycle Rental Prices 


1-2 Days

3-6 Days

7-13 Days

14 Days & more

Royal Enfield Classic 350cc

US $50

US $45

US $40

US $35


  • Includes unlimited kilometres for rentals of 7 days or more
  • Rentals of 1-6 days include a maximum of 300 kilometres per day

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