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It is not easy to organise and operate motorcycle tours. We depend on good relationships with people and businesses to make sure that your motorcycling adventure runs perfectly and that any problems are quickly sorted out.

The motorcycles we provide are serviced and maintained by professionals so that the chances of a break down are minimised. We also depend on rapid delivery of any spares and quick fixes to any mechanical issues.

Your accommodation has been carefully checked to ensure that they are safe, clean and comfortable and have all the amenities you expect. We have also checked that the food you eat is being cooked in clean and hygienic environments.

The activities we have scheduled for you after the daily rides and on the rest days have also been thoroughly checked to ensure you are in good hands, will be well looked after and offer interesting glimpses into the rich diversity of Sri Lanka’s history, culture, nature and industry.

We are proud to work with the following partners and recommend them to you and your friends. They are reliable, professional and have demonstrated integrity with great customer service.