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Tours & Rentals

Serendib Motorcycling Adventures offers you the choice of guided tours, self-guided tours and motorcycle rentals. We understand that not everyone can find the time to join us on the dates of our guided tours. Our self-guided tours offer you the same itineraries and we will even make all the arrangements for you. But being motorcycle adventurers, maybe you want something different. We can help you if this is what you want.
Or you can rent our motorcycles and plan your trip the way you want. Of course there are some restrictions and conditions when you rent our motorcycles. We are proud of our fleet of motorcycles and maintain them to the highest standards so that they are safe, reliable and meet our criteria of giving you “a ride of a lifetime.”
Our entire fleet of motorbikes are new or nearly new Royal Enfield Classic models. They were purchased and are maintained by the authorised dealer in Sri Lanka with whom we have an excellent relationship. Your safety is paramount to us and our motorbikes must be in perfect condition. That is our guarantee to you.
We pride ourselves on being a professional motorcycle tour operator and we expect you to respect motorcycling because of the inherent dangers involved in this mode of transport. Before joining our tours or renting our motorbikes, we must be convinced that you are an experienced motorcyclist. We also expect you to bring your own approved motorcycle helmet as we would never contemplate renting helmets. After all, you only have one head and you should protect it as much as possible.
You are also expected to ride in full motorcycle gear, which includes helmet, jacket, gloves and boots at all times. We acknowledge that Sri Lanka has a hot and humid environment but safety is something we don’t compromise under any circumstances. More than anything, we want to achieve our aspiration of “bringing a smile to every face.”